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Is there anyone out here who got cheated by FreeCade 5 in the name of?

I am trying to get transcripts from the university that I did my Undergrad (in India). First, I contacted some of my friends that live in the same town in which this university is located. They found out the procedure to apply for transcripts and explained the procedure to me. The procedure is long and tedious - just the way a lot of things work in India and I was not surprised by it. I was looking for a way to do this online and I came across the email id for FreeCade 5 at gmail dot com on Quora and I sent him/her an email asking him to call me so we could talk about it and take it further. I did get a phone call from the number 845 818 2066 (Nyack, NY number). He is non-native english speaker (I can tell because I am a non-native english speaker as well but living in the US for a few years) and judging by his accent, he is from one of the East Asian countries (there is no way for me to pin point but I am guessing China) and it didn't sound like he knew the name of the university I was talking about - he couldn't name it when he was talking to me. This is how the conversation went. My question: What other universities can you get transcripts from? His answer : I need more details from you. My question: What other details do you need? His answer : Copies of marks lists. My question: In what ways can I make the payment? His answer : Western Union or Bank Transfer My question: Did you get transcripts from this university to anyone else before? His answer : Of course, I do this for a living. My question: How would you get transcripts for me from my university? His answer : I cannot say that (he probably meant that it is his trade secret) By this point, it became clear to me I cannot trust him. To begin with, universities have to make it easier for graduate students to get transcripts. They should start by setting up a process for it. They should also set up an online process for it for students who cannot physically be there to apply for them (people who are abroad). If the universities do it, there would be zero opportunity for third parties with possibly fraudulent motives.

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